Saturday, October 22, 2016

Where will we stay?

Just heard from Luan last night that she has "pulled the trigger" after consulting with the group and made a reservation for a house on Smith Lake.  It is lovely and it makes the trip even more enticing!  I will post where we stayed after the trip is over.

In preparation for a hoped for trip to Pittsylvania County, Virginia in the next 12 months, I am going to start adding some good ideas to help organize the trip.  The first came from Coit Morrison who is not actually in our DNA group.  His suggestion is that we do as his Morrison DNA group does and rent a house through a site that his own Morrison group uses.  Below is the e-mail information that Coit sent to us yesterday:

Greetings Morrison-H2!

May I make a suggestion? We of Morrison-Q, for several years now, have been using for our meetings. We pick a house that would be a comfortable place to have our meetings. We split the cost of the house by how many bedrooms. If you have more people coming than bedrooms, just rent a bigger house, or organize another house nearby, or suggest a nearby hotel. You would use one of the houses as the meeting place for the whole group. Last year Morrison-Q rented 3 houses near each other and met in the largest house. Meeting in a house is so much more comfortable - and you can leave stuff set out. You can cook and eat meals together as well - which is much more cost efficient than eating out. The night owls can even stay up into the wee hours and fellowship. These houses have really help to build some close relations within our group.

I did a search on houses with 5 or more bedroom in the Pittsylvania region - there were a dozen or two. This is the link to one of the lower cost houses I found - - based on the fall time of year, including all fees and taxes - this house for three night would only be $579 - split 5 ways it would only cost $115 per person for the weekend. You can't stay in a hotel at that price. Check it out - there are a lot of nice houses in that area for rent.

Let me know if you have any questions...


Coit Morrison

I loved Coit's suggestion.  It would be particularly good for Luan who plans to bring her dog(s?).  And I LOVED the idea of having a house on Smith Lake!  I don't want to lose this thought.  We could rent one house and overflow could stay in a local hotel/motel if we didn't want to get into lots of rentals....and then there are people like me who would be willing to bring a blow up bed and contribute money towards rental without a REAL room if that would be acceptable to the group.  I am not very picky....but I do I can be a problem.  

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